Sunday, 18 May 2008

Its a sad day.

Thursday was the last day that i was a Ferrari owner. It was sad when the car drove down the road and went out of sight, then i looked at the bank statement and felt a little better. I had the car last march as it was a dream come true. The 360 was a great Ferrari and having owned 1 i would recommend it to any fast and exotic car fan. I would maybe sy its worth getting divorced for but as mine was after the divorce maybe im being biased. I had some great memories in the car. I was a man who every body talked about.This did not bother me actually but some people maybe it would. The summer was the best, driving around slow with sound of the 420hp v8 howling as it reaches 4000rpm and at 9000rpm the car was on par with a formula 1. I had girls comment, i had boys comment, i had old people comment, everbody i passed looked, it was the ultimate pose. My plan was to find a rich woman so i could keep the car, but all the girls i met thought i was rich instead. Well not every plan works, then i met Karla and the Ferrari became second place. How can i put my car second? Well some things the car cannot do!!!! Im glad i had the experience as not everybody will forfill their dream. Its a box ticked on my things to do in life. Now there are only 23 more to do!!!!!!

ultima session

Its our last session so its all or nothing, Steve is out first but not happy with the tyres after having a little, how can i put it, slide, he decides to have a safe run and makes sure he can ride home on the bike. My session was a little different, being my last one i thought well its my last so lets give it some throttle. The bike was going great all day and i was happy with the set up and was comfortable with my positioning on the bike after not liking it first after the sp-1. I was catching bikes faster and faster, maybe they were taking it easy on the last session? Ther were 2 fireblades in front of me, so determined to catch and overtake before the session ended i give it full. The one i caught and went passed just before the old hairpin but the other was a little harder. As i went over the start/finish line the flag comes out. The bike in front carries on so i decide to carry on also. We both carry on at full speed and i finally go past him 3 corners before the end. As i get to the last corner i slow down and put my hand up to let the people behind im coming in to the pits. The bike i overtook has not realised it was the last lap and SHITS himself as i corner at a slower speed and he nearly crashes in to my bike. This could of been the worst end to the day but...... it wasnt. Great day had by all.

session 6

So now Steve is now determined to get some video footage before he finishes his day. The camera is still on his helmet and this time we put the camcorder in the bag and make sure it is still running before he sets off. He exits the pits and starts his first lap bearing in mind his tyre has seen better days and his brakes are not that good either. He is still on the pace and overtaking bikes lap after lap. He passes the pit wall and looks up. I see him and give him a wave. He gets back behind the screen and gets ready for redgate. Lap after lap faster and overtaking more bikes. Happy with his progress the flag comes out and he comes in the pit lane and pits. Helmet off and in to the bag he looks. The camera is still on and we stop and rewind. Both excited to see the footage we press play....... All we can see is the clocks and fairing panel.....shit. I think the camera was positioned to far down. At this point Steve has given up on the camera and decides to have a walk. I think a little pissed.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

session 5

So Steve now has the camera fitted on his helmet and is ready for his next session. We put the camcorder in the rossi bum bag and off he pops to get some laps in and kick some ass. Lap after lap faster and overtaking everything in his path, it was a shame he was in the slow class as they get in the way at the wrong time. I think he is enjoying himself but maybe not as much as if i was with him. The flag goes up and in he comes, smiling again. He gets off the bike and takes the bum bag off and looks at the camera inside............. "its f*****g off again" I think when the camera went in the button was pressed and it was turned off. Shit, not a happy bunny. My session was not much different than the last ones but now my arms are hurting and i feel the bike a bit more. There is a man in the garage with a race spec R6 with tyre warmers and all the kit. Bit of a strange man but he keeps looking at my bike but doesnt actually speak to me. He speaks to Steve but nothing to me. Maybe because i keep overtaking him and he does not like it. Well you cant win them all!!!!!! After that i make sure i overtake him on the way around a corner when he is in full concentration rather than blasting past him down the straight. Think this is pissing him off. Well shit stinks ne!!!!

Monday, 12 May 2008

session 4

Ok, now we are motoring on and we have put the camera on Steves bike. He has put it on the bike facing backwards so he can see the people when he overtakes them. (or he can see who is catching, leave it with you) So he sets off and has a good session, faster each lap, overtaking everyone in the group including the instructors. He comes in the pits after the session smiling in his helmet. ( i hope his stomach is better) When he stops in the garage he goes to the seat pod on his bike to stop the camera and his smile goes away. "f**k, its not f*****g recorded" oops, when he put the camera in the bag it knoched the swich off. Shit, not a good day for him. So after i put the camera on the side panel of my bike and set off on my session. Not ant different than the last one really, maybe a little faster and smoother but still the same result. When i come in and get off the bike....... the camera is still recording. Result.

session 3

Session 3. Without my buddy. Same story, first 2 laps warming up and then full throttle. I thought there would be a little chance Steve would come up next time so i concentrated on getting my lap times faster. There was no one to over take me again, not even the instructors, which i do take pleasure in overtaking them out on the track. So now im up to full speed, scraping my knees on every corner, hanging off the bike more and braking later in to the corners. It`s all coming along very well. There were 2 other fast guys out there on fireblades, one HM plant and another red one. The chequered flag comes out again. This time i go in the pits and no stopping, no telling off and no group moving. Steve at this point is getting ready for his third session. I think he wants to impress so he can joint the fast boys, i mean me. So his 3rd session went a bit Pete tongue. First he has a bit of a slide from the rear, (the bike) then as he is braking there is a bit of noise from the brakes and a loss of bite. As he comes in the pits i can see he is not happy. Then he tells me all.

session 2

We start session 2. I follow Steve for about 4 laps until i pass him into one of the corners and then i put the rubber down. I start to feel happier with the bike lap after lap. Overtaking more bikes and putting in faster laps. I look around to see if i could see Steve. (no) So i carry on at my own pace until the checkered flag comes out again. On the way into the pits i get stopped again. Now i think the exhaust is too loud but............ one of the instructers tell me "mate your too quick for the group, you need to go up at least 2 more groups, and you cannot use the titanium sliders as it puts other people off" At his point all i could think of is my buddy Steve. So i asked him " What about my mate Steve" i then realised he wont know who Steve is. "The blue gsxr who was with me" He then said " i didnt see anyone with you" so i answered " yehhh, me neither" So now i have to explain to Steve that i have to move groups and leave him with the slow boys. Something comes to mind. LEAD BALLOON. So he took it well. I also have to swap my sliders with one off the boys in the garage im in as he has not got his knee down. He was happy to swap as he could tell his mates he got his knees down on the track.Then i go and see signing on and control and get my new purple sticker and wrist band. I go back to Steve and tell him i need to go back out as im in with the fast boys. Poor Steve, i feel so bad to leave him, oh well i have my next session.